Contents of forthcoming issue



Vox redactoris

Yulia Zapary, Alexey Antoshin. Strategies and Instruments of Russian Politics: History and Contemporaneity


Scientia et vitae

Rodric Braithwaite. Do History Lessons Ever Pay Off? A Diplomat’s Memoir


Problema voluminis

The USSR and Russia in International Politics

Andrey Sushentsov. Russia’s Foreign Policy and Strategic Culture: A Dialogue with William Wohlforth about the Research Paradigm

Vasily Khristoforov, Yulia Guseva. Soviet Military Strategy in Afghanistan: Errors in Planning and Public Condemnation

Ivan Safranchuk, Andrey Kazantsev, Rustam Makhmudov. Patriotic Interpretation in the Retrospective Assessment of the War in Afghanistan

Andrey Sushentsov, Nikita Neklyudov. Protracted Conflicts in Afghanistan and Chechnya: American Perspectives on Russian Experience

Alexander Nikitin, Irina Bolgova, Yulia Nikitina. Activities of Non-Governmental Organisations Aimed at Conflict Settlement in Post-Soviet States

Andrey Lyamzin. The Invisible Burden of the Vietnam War: From the Memoirs of a Soviet Officer


Propaganda: An Illusion of Success

Vladislav Aksenov. Lenin’s Images in Visual Satire and the Collapse of Anti-Bolshevik Propaganda

Ilia Pechenkin, Yulia Starostenko, Anna Vyazemtseva. The Architect and the Revolution: Architectural Life in Russia in Times of Change

Timofey Rakov. To Defeat Him by Quoting Lenin and Facts: Practices of the Political Cult in Discussions of the 1920s

Yulia Kozitskaya. Sabit Mukanov’s Poem about the Chelyuskintsy: An Original without a Translation and a Translation without an Author

Rina Lapidus. The “Erotic” Tractor in Soviet Cinema

Oleg Riabov. The Red Machine: The Dehumanisation of the Communist Enemy in American Cold War Cinema



Larisa Soboleva, Yevgeny Alekseev. A World-Famous Artist on Creative Freedom, Time, and Himself: The Last Conversation with Vitaly Volovich


Conceptus et conceptio

Alexander Chubariyan. “Difficult Questions” of Russian History: Opinions and Forecasts

Marek Masnyk. Between Berlin and Moscow: Polish Western Thought in the Twenty-Year Interwar Period

Tamás Krausz. Hungarian Troops in World War II: The Bitter Truth of Archival Documents and an Attempt at Revision



Yekaterina Postnikova, Viktoriya Volkova. This is my World: A Submariner’s Battlefield Diary

Anton Mokhov, Andrey Shamanaev, Karina Kapsalykova. They Arrived Completely Intact: The Evacuation of Chersonese Museum Collections to Sverdlovsk

Sergei Zatravkin, Elena Vishlenkova, Elena Sherstneva. “A Radical Turn”: The Reform of the Soviet System of Public Healthcare


Controversiae et recensiones

Vladimir Ilyinykh. Private Trade in the Mixed Economy of the Urals under the NEP. Rev. of: Kilin, A. P. (2018). Chastnaya torgovlya i kredit na Urale v gody nepa: ekonomicheskie, politicheskie i sotsial'nye aspekty [Private Trade and Credit in the Urals under the NEP: Economic, Political, and Social Aspects]. Yekaterinburg, Izdatel'stvo Ural'skogo universiteta. 606 p.

Mikhail Shmatov. Mass Political Culture and the “National Discussion” of the Stalin Constitution in the Concept of Olga Velikanova. Rev. of: Velikanova, O. (2018). Mass Political Culture Under Stalinism. Popular Discussion of the Soviet Constitution of 1936. Denton, Palgrave Macmillan. 260 p.

Alexey Antoshin. From DP Camps to the “Green Continent”. Rev. of: Persian, J. (2017). Beautiful Balts. From Displaced Persons to New Australians. Sydney, New South Publ. 240 p.

Elena Proskurina. The Semantic Environment of the Late Dramatic Works of A. Platonov. Rev. of.: Kogut, K. S., Khryashcheva, N. P. (2018). Poetika dramaturgii A. P. Platonova kontsa 1930-kh – nachala 1950-kh gg.: mezhtekstovyi dialog [Poetics of A. P. Platonov’s Dramatic Works in the Late 1930s and Early 1950s. Intertextual Dialogue]. St Petersburg, Nestor-Istoria. 280 p.