Conference on the Axiological Aspects of Contemporary Research in Philology


On October 15–17, 2019 an international academic conference on the Axiological Aspects of Contemporary Research in Philology will take place at Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg. Both recognised and emerging researchers working in research centres in Russia, Europe, Asia, and America are going to take part in the conference. Their papers reflect issues of rapidly developing axiological philology.

Based on the fundamental concepts of “value” and “evaluation” and their verbal expression, the conference will bring together philologists working in various academic fields. The axiological content of language, speech, and text is deeply influenced by society. The study of the axiological structure of linguistic phenomena and speech compositions has to do with the understanding of the aspects of Russian mentality and the degree of its stability during the current period of radical social reconstruction of Russian society and world disorder.

The conference offers its participants an opportunity to familiarise themselves with a wide range of general and special research related to the description and classification of axiological values, relevant meanings, and speech acts. Taken together, these studies provide a holistic view of the Russian linguistic and cultural community at the current stage of its development.

For more information, visit the page of the conference on the website of the Ural Institute for the Humanities (UrFU)