The symbolism of gifts to the family of Kuchun khan


  • Evgeny Pchelov Russian State University of the Humanities



The article analyzes the complex of gifts, granted in 1599 to the captive relatives of the Siberian Kuchum Khan. The inventory of gifts lists donations of clothing and can be an interesting source not only on the history of everyday life, but also the symbolism of these gifts. In this aspect, this source has not yet attracted the attention of researchers. The inventory of gifts separates the male part of Kuchum’s family from the female one. The list of dresses (coats, caftans, etc.) testifies to a certain symbolic hierarchy of colors and furs in the culture of the time. The author reveals the following hierarchy of colour: golden – white and red – green – blue. The hierarchy of furs is as follows: marten – sable, fox – squirrel. These symbolic hierarchies correspond to the cultural symbolism of the period of Muscovy.

Author Biography

Evgeny Pchelov, Russian State University of the Humanities



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