Redefining Modernization in Russia




Russian modernization, political regime in Russia, Russian economy, Russian society, Russian politics


The authors of the collection of interdisciplinary articles united by the new paradigm of Russian modernization try to explain and raise new questions on contemporary Russia from its economy to the political regime, from changes in social welfare to cultural shifts. While the book provides rigorous and interesting research regarding modern Russian society, the reviewer considers it too broad at times, sometimes suggesting outdated case studies. More particularly, instead of focusing on the religious movement of rodnoverie or the process underlying the transformation of the CPSU into the modern CPRF, the authors could have referred to more modern cases. However, according to the reviewer, the collection is one of the most fascinating and profound studies on Russia that has been carried out lately.


Author Biography

Daria Dergacheva

PhD, Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Campus de la UAB, Plaça Cívica, 08193, Bellaterra, Barcelona, Spain.

ORCID 0000-0001-8773-7934


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