A View from the East


  • Leonid Bykov




The article is a review of the proceedings of two international symposiums in Tokyo (2014) and Seoul (2015), organised in the framework of a large project dedicated to the study of Russian culture. The book gives a very clear understanding of the range of interests of Japanese and South Korean Slavicists. The authors of the collection focus both on the theoretical experience of the Russian humanities (Yu. Tynyanov, M. Bakhtin, and Yu. Lotman) and on the creative oeuvre of particular authors, especially prose writers and political essayists (I. Aksakov, V. Rozanov, A. Bely, V. Mayakovsky, Yu. Kazakov, F. Gorenstein, A. Kim, S. Alexievich, and M. Paley). According to the reviewer, the articles in the collection prove that, in their choice of topics and personalities, as well as in their methodological approaches, East Asian scholars largely identify themselves with their Russian colleagues working at home and abroad.


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