1968: One Year in the Life of a Soviet Americanist, or American Influence at Home and Abroad during the Cold War (Part 2)


  • Sergei Zhuk




This essay is based on the author’s recent research about American studies in the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Using various archival documents, personal papers, diaries, memoirs, contemporary periodicals, and more than 70 interviews, this essay explores how one year, 1968, changed the life of Nikolay N. Bolkhovitinov (1930–2008), a Soviet historian and the author of pioneering studies on Russo-American relations. During this year, Bolkhovitinov used funding from the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) to support his first research trip to the USA, where he intended not only to discover ‘the real America’ through various forms of cultural consumption, but also to build his international reputation as a historian of early America and an expert in Russo-American relations.


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