Military captivity in the Russian province (1914 - 1922)


  • Andrey Valentinovich Bushmakov Perm State Academy of Art and Culture



world war; Russian captivity; prisoners of war; revolution; civil war


This is a review of a monograph by historian N. V. Surzhikova, Military Captivity in the Russian Province (1914–1922) (Moscow: Politicheskaya Encyclopediya, 2014) published for the series World War I. A Great War. 1914–1918. The reviewer acknowledges the value of the archival material supplied in the work but is critical of its interpretation. The author’s use of sociological concepts, though justified, has a number of flaws in the research’s theoretical model. Additionally, the reviewer maintains that it is incorrect to apply the terminology of professional identity to the category of employment.

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Bushmakov, A. V. (2014). Military captivity in the Russian province (1914 - 1922). Quaestio Rossica, (2), 317–322.



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