Vilno against Moscow


  • Vladimir Anatol'evich Arakcheev Ural Federal University



A. N. Yanushkevich; Livonian War; military history of the 16th century; Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; Stephen Báthory


In their review of a monograph by A. N. Janushkevich, The Livonian War. Wilno against Moscow: 1558–1570. (Moscow: Kvadriga; Russkaya Panorama, 2013) the author points out that the monograph is a profound study, critically reviewing the preceding research of the military history of the 16th century. The review also analyzes the historical sources of the book as to their completeness and the degree of representativeness, looks into the arguments put forward by the author consecutively considering each chapter, and reveals the innovative conclusions, as well as comments on a number of doubtful statements made by the author.


Dunning, Ch. (2014). Were Muscovy and Castile the First Fiscal-Military States? Quaestio Rossica, 1, 191–197.

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