Russian soldiers of the kwantung army: a myth of Russian samurais


  • Sergei Smirnov



Kwantung Army; Manchukuo; Japanese Empire; Asano Brigade; Russian emigration; E. V. Yakovkin


The article reviews the book by E. V. Yakovkin Russian Soldiers of the Kwantung Army (Moscow : Veche, 2014) noting the timely character of the book on this little-studied subject, but is on many occasions critical of the work. According to the reviewer, the book in question makes an impression of a secondary one, and lacks sources; the author makes ungrounded conclusions and has a biased research approach, which is inappropriate for present-day historical studies.


Смирнов С. В. Отряд Асано: русские воинские формирования в Маньчжоу-го, 1938–1945 гг. Екатеринбург : Изд-во Урал. ун-та, 2012. 156 с. [Smirnov S. V. Otryad Asano: russkie voinskie formirovaniya v Man’-chzhou-go, 1938–1945 gg. Ekaterinburg : Izd-vo Ural. un-ta, 2012. 156 s.]

Яковкин Е. В. Русские солдаты Квантунской армии. М. : Вече, 2014. 320 с. [Yakovkin E. V. Russkie soldaty Kvantunskoj armii. M. : Veche, 2014. 320 s.]

Taylor A. J. P. The Origins of the Second World War. London : Penguin Books, 1964. 357 p.

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