Old Belief in the Mirror of Literary Work


  • Larisa Soboleva
  • Olga Zhuravel




староверие; агиография; плач; выголексинская община; литература Урала и Сибири


The talk of Larisa Soboleva, professor of Ural Federal University, and Olga Zhuravel, associate professor and Dean of the Department of Journalism at Novosibirsk State University and the author of the book entitled Literary Work of Old Believers in the 17th – Early 21st Centuries: Themes, Problems, Poetics concerns the diversity of manuscript sources used and published in the abovementioned book as well as the principles of the Novosibirsk School of Archaeography and Source Studies of which Olga Zhuravel is a representative. The discussion focuses on the problem of genres of the Old Believers’ literary work, their utopist ideas, the correlation between folklore and literary traditions paying particular attention to the genre of laments and hagiographic texts whose oral circulation in Old Believers’ communities could be encountered as late as the 20th century. The authors talk over the capacity of Old Believers’ literary work to reflect the specific features of Russian literature and Russian national mentality. The book under consideration treats all these themes and represents an uncommon phenomenon in the contemporary historiography of the Old Belief and fills significant gaps in our knowledge of the Old Believers’ literary work.

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Soboleva, L., & Zhuravel, O. (2014). Old Belief in the Mirror of Literary Work. Quaestio Rossica, (1), 173–190. https://doi.org/10.15826/qr.2013.1.016