Contents of forthcoming issue


Vox redactoris

Larisa Soboleva. How Our Words Will Echo through the Ages…


Problema voluminis

The Word and the Idea

Vladimir Milkov. Earthly Paradise in the Religious Ideas of Old Rus’

Anastasia Nesterova. The Existential and Anthropological Semantics of the Word in Late 17th-Century Sermons

Pavel Limerov. Cathedral Rank, a Handwritten Document of the Komi-Zyrians: Instruction and Foundations of Faith

Olga Zhukova. New People in Russian History: Ivan Turgenev’s Virgin Soil

Alexei Vdovin. Contemporary Russian Literature in Reading Anthologies (1843–1904) and the Literary Canon

Patrik Varga. The Russian Idea in the Historiosophy of Margarita Sabashnikova-Voloshina

Olga Turysheva. Dostoevsky, Siberia, and the Russian Person in Donna Tartt’s Novel The Goldfinch

Vadim Dementyev. Time Capsule Messages to Future Generations as a Genre of Soviet Lore

Valery Yungblud, Denis Sedakov. The Accounts of US Intelligence Agencies on the Soviet, Chinese, and Korean Propaganda Campaigns during the Korean War


Dialogues with Power: Communicative Strategies

Vadim Trepavlov. Non-Russians at Royal Coronations: The Ethnic Politics of the Empire in Ceremonies

Alexander Pigin. Old Believer Letters of Request and Thanks during the Imperial Period

Tamara Matveeva, Maria Shirinkina. Correspondence between Citizens and Executive Power: Correlative Text Analysis



Maxim Krot. Putting the Lithuanian Nation on the Right Path of Development: A Note by Prince P. D. Svyatopolk-Mirsky on the Latin Alphabet in Lithuania

Irina Paert, James White. Letters of Orthodox Priests about the German Occupation of Estonia during the First World War

Sergey Smirnov. General Diterikhs’ Address to Russian Refugees (Girin, 1923)



Evgeny Vershinin, Georgy Vizgalov. Mangazeya: The Report of the Last Voivode

Yakov Lazarev. Cultural Mechanisms of Integrating the Ukrainian Cossaсk Elite into the Imperial Nobility

Valentin Khrisanfov, Natalia Turygina. The Russian Diaspora in Bulgaria: Issues of Migration Registration in the Interwar Period


Controversiae et recensiones

Olga Shcheglova. Studying the History of the Slavic Stishnoy Prologue: New Opportunities and Prospects. Rev. of: Petkov, G., Spasova, M. (2008–2014). T"rnovskata redaktsiya na Stishniya Prolog. Tekstove. Leksikalen indeks v 12 t. [The Turnovo Stishnoy Prologue Edition. Texts. Lexical Index. 12 Vols.]. Plovdiv, Paisii Khilendarski.

Olga Solodyankina. Behavioural Practices of the Russian Imperial Court in the Biography of Ekaterina Dolgorukova, Princess Yuryevskaya. Rev. of: Safronova, Yu. (2017). Ekaterina Yur'evskaya. Roman v pis'makh [Catherine Yuryevskaya. An Epistolary Novel]. St Petersburg, European University at St Petersburg Press. 404 p.

Mikhail Stroganov. The Notion of Disability and Related Research Terminology: Discussion Points