Contents of forthcoming issue



Problema voluminis

The Soviet Epoch: Plans, Dreams and…Reality

Natalia Dvortsova (Russia, Tiumen). Mikhail Prishvin on Happy Donkeys and the Ladder of Happiness for Each and for All

Irena Vladimirsky (Israel, Achva Academic College). Knowledge is Power: The Story of the Great Soviet Encyclopaedia

Svetlana Yurlova (Russia, Yekaterinburg). The Book of Tasty and Healthy Food: Mythology or Pragmatics?

Rina Lapidus (Israel, Tel Aviv). “Erotic” Tractors in Soviet Film, 1930-60

Tatiana Khoruzhenko (Russia, Yekaterinburg). The Compulsory Joy of Cosmic Colonisation: The Soviet Plan in Science Fiction

Olga Filippenko (Germany, Jena). A Ticket to a New Life: The Integration of Special Settlers through Vocational Education (Tomsk in the 1950s)

Vladislav Staf (Russia, Moscow). The Tomsk ‘NKVD Investigation Prison’ Museum: Problems of Memorialising the Gulag


The Biographical Angle of History

Dmitry Serov (Russia, Novosibirsk). ‘The Mayor Arrived from the Russian Camp’: The First 34 Years of the Life of Wilhelm de Gennin

Aleksei Razdorsky (Russia, St Petersburg). Awards from the Sovereign for Replenishing the Customs and Excise Treasury: Tax Collectors in the 17th Century

Natalia Matkhanova (Russia, Novosibirsk) and Natalia Rodigina (Russia, Novosibirsk, Tobolsk). Images of Siberia in the Accounts of Governors-General in the Second Half of the 19th Century

Natalia Dmitrieva and Maksim Krot (Russia, Rostov-on-Don). ‘Unfortunately, the Government Has Met Resistance, Not Support’: Senatorial Audits in the Baltic Provinces



Eric Durot (France, Paris), Iskra Schwarcz (Austria, Vienna) and Vladimir Shishkin (Russia, St Petersburg). The Search for Allies: Henri II’s Letter to Ivan IV


Conceptus et conceptio

Irina Vepreva, Irina Shalina (Russia, Yekaterinburg) and Tamara Matveeva (Russia, Perm’). Russian Conversational Speech. Relevant Aspects of Study


Hereditas: nomina et scholae

Valery Mokienko (Russia, St Petersburg). Boris Aleksandrovich Larin: The Free Verse of Conversational Speech



Elena Shelestyuk (Russia, Chelyabinsk). Review of the Literature on the Language Policy of Imperial Russia and the Modern Linguistic Situation

Liu Juan (People’s Republic of China, Jiangsu). Policies of ‘Monolingualism’ and ‘Multilingualism’ in Latvia and Kazakhstan

Tatiana Tairova-Yakovleva (Russia, St Petersburg). Cossack Participation in the Koliyivshchyna


Artem interpretatione

Andrea Grominová (Slovakia, Trnava). The Motif of World Transfiguration in Ivan Zhdanov’s Poem Oranta


Controversiae et recensiones

Evgenia Komleva (Russia, Novosibirsk). What a Siberian Merchant is Like / Review of Gavrilova, N. I. (2017). Kupecheskii rod Sibiryakov: stranitsy istorii [The Sibiriakov Merchant Dynasty: Pages of History]. Irkutsk, Ottisk. 152 p.

Irina Pochinskaya (Russia, Yekaterinburg). Returning to the Legacy of Ivan Fyodorov: Language, Politics, Personality / Review of the Article “The Journeys of Ivan Fedorov: New Perspectives on Early Cyrillic Printing”, Canadian-American Slavic Studies, Vol. 51. № 2–3 (2017).